The emotional toll in first few weeks

Having a baby is amazing and when there born and placed in your arms, there is no better feeling, however the reality of the hard work which is included with having a baby is draining not just physically but also mentally. With hormones all over the place, it is safe to say it is veryContinue reading “The emotional toll in first few weeks”

Lack of sleep

When welcoming your little bundle of joy into the world, unbeknown to yourself – the lack of sleep kicks in almost straight away. Luckily the first night sleep was not too bad, though putting on alarms every 3 and a half hourly for feeds meant broken sleep, it was still better than none. After theContinue reading “Lack of sleep”

First few days

After being left to get comfortable in bed and enjoy our new arrival, the eldest had been dropped back home at this point and all settled for the evening. With pains radiating from pretty much all over, it was difficult to find a position that was comfortable in bed. The midwife had explained that babyContinue reading “First few days”

The Beginning

Just over 2 years old I began my breast feeding journey, which a few months in I considered writing about my experience but found time flying by. My thought was that if my experience helps even just one other person in a similar situation then it was worth writing about. My decision to breast feedContinue reading “The Beginning”