First couple of months of weight worries

Weigh ins become the normal with a newborn and done quiet regularly to begin with and the first one there is an expected weight drop within a small percentage of the babies birth weight. After this a study incline in weight is aimed for and to watch your little bundle turn into a milk blob,Continue reading “First couple of months of weight worries”

Feeding struggles, pain and more..

When I first considered breast feeding, I had not really given it a massive thought other than, ‘Yes I want to’ as I had missed out trying with my eldest and thought this will probably be my last child and I do not want any regrets. My partner was very supportive so it was agreedContinue reading “Feeding struggles, pain and more..”

Getting to see the pony

Before becoming pregnant I was very much into spending most of my time up the yard with my pony or college studying Equestrian Science, so horses and my eldest daughter took up a lot of my time. My partner also liked horses so he did not mind spending time up the yard either, though heContinue reading “Getting to see the pony”

Feeding in public and seeing people

The first few times of going out in public worried me with feeding as my own self confidence was not in the best place and I would also doubt myself and worry what other people may think or say. In my head I was worried that any place we went may say I could notContinue reading “Feeding in public and seeing people”

First few weigh-ins

For the first couple of weeks there is a lot going on so it goes so quickly and normally within a blur. The first weigh in was during the check up at the hospital in the first 2-3 days and the dreaded journey to the hospital, where our baby lost weight as most do, butContinue reading “First few weigh-ins”

Lack of sleep

When welcoming your little bundle of joy into the world, unbeknown to yourself – the lack of sleep kicks in almost straight away. Luckily the first night sleep was not too bad, though putting on alarms every 3 and a half hourly for feeds meant broken sleep, it was still better than none. After theContinue reading “Lack of sleep”

First few days

After being left to get comfortable in bed and enjoy our new arrival, the eldest had been dropped back home at this point and all settled for the evening. With pains radiating from pretty much all over, it was difficult to find a position that was comfortable in bed. The midwife had explained that babyContinue reading “First few days”

The Beginning

Just over 2 years old I began my breast feeding journey, which a few months in I considered writing about my experience but found time flying by. My thought was that if my experience helps even just one other person in a similar situation then it was worth writing about. My decision to breast feedContinue reading “The Beginning”