My name is Hannah, with two daughters, one aged 11 and the other this journey would not of been possible without who is now 2 years old. Also without the amazing help and support of my fiancé who has helped encourage myself to write this blog. Before I started this blog I was far to busy to commit the time it required, as was a full time student studying Equitation Science. Though this was a passion of mine, there just was not enough time to take this further than my Foundation Degree due to family commitments.

Now I am a full time mummy to my girls and of course the fiancé who is like my 3rd child! We all took up bouldering indoors just before the beginning of this year, and have been doing it since where possible. Hoping to take it outdoors at some point and see where the next couple of years take us. We all enjoy adventuring and exploring and inspire each other to be the best we can be.

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