My Breast Feeding Journey

A journey of the highs, lows and joys that breast feeding has brought to my life and the continuing journey it takes me on.

A small introduction into the blog

Just over 2 years ago I began my breast feeding journey, wanting to share my experience with others that may find themselves in the same situation and to help them know they are not alone. I attempted to begin this blog roughly 4 months into breastfeeding, but did not fully understand what a blog was (still do not really understand it now!) and just never found the time to commit to it back then. Now just 2 years down the line I have decided now is the time to try my best to remember my journey so far and share it with everyone the best I can.

There has been many lows and highs over the last 2 years and I would never of thought I would still be breast feeding this far down the line with the struggles I had in the beginning, but would not change any of it as it has brought me to where I am now. I am obviously still playing around, adjusting and getting used to how a blog works, so editing may change a bit until a happy place is reached! Always happy for any questions or comments, welcome at any time :)!

The beginning of the breast feeding journey
Few months into our journey

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